Thursday, October 15, 2009

Article in the Loyola Public Interest Law Reporter

The Terms of Chicago's Consent Decree: There Are No 'Miracles' Here

Public Interest Law Reporter (No.4, Summer, 2009) pp. 255-266.
Loyola College of Law
Michael Klonsky, the Director of the Small Schools Workshop, questions the efficacy of various efforts to "reform" the Chicago Public Schools. In "The Terms of Chicago's Consent Decree: There Are No 'Miracles' Here," Mr. Klonsky analyzes the small schools movement and Chicago's proposed "solutions" to an inadequate school system, including selective enrollment schools, charter schools, and Renaissance 2010. Mr. Klonsky argues that none of these proposed solutions have substantially narrowed the dramatic gap in achievement that persists along racial and socioeconomic lines. --Dean Michael Kaufman

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