Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Critical Educators at AERA

Looking ahead to next month's AERA meeting in San Diego, be sure and attend this panel sponsored by teacher/activists from the Critical Educators Network. Here's their announcement:


The AERA at San Diego

The Critical Educator Network is pleased to announce that we will be presenting at the American Educational Research Association's annual conference in San Diego this year. The panel presentation is entitled "Opening Democratic Teacher Forums for Critical Educator Development: Small Schools, Graduate Schools, Alternative Certification Programs."

The panelists will include:

  • Linda Darling-Hammond; professor, award-winning author, and campaign advisor to President Obama and head of his education transition team
  • Deborah Meier; school founder, education reformer, author and activist
  • Lisa Delpit; professor, award-winning author and MacArthur Fellow
  • Michael Klonsky; educator, activist, and school reform leader
  • Matthew Block, teacher, Critical Educator Network
  • Michael Klein, teacher, Critical Educator Network

The conference will be held April 13th - 17th in San Diego and we are honored to be there with such legends of education.

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