Friday, June 03, 2016

My webinar with Jonathan Kozol

Mr. Kozol has not lost his passion for progressive education in America, On our June 1st  SOS Webinar, Mr. Kozol will discuss topics he has devoted his life to, including the damage done to children by testing mania, the damage done to teachers by a regiment of punitive accountability built on test scores, and the shameful inequality between rich schools and poor, the latter resulting in the near total segregation within our schools. For Black and Hispanic children, separate and unequal education is an everyday phenomenon.
A portion of the virtual fundraiser tied to Mr. Kozol's SOS Webinar will go to scholarships for the students he's been working for all his life: those in need, and those who want to be part of the change an education system that fosters segregation and inequality while actively ignoring if not crushing creativity, curiosity and originality, as critical capacities of children.
Please click here to make a generous  donation to the   SOS Convention fund. 
We suggest a $25 contribution, but any and all amounts will be gratefully appreciated! 
Save Our Schools Coalition Webinar and Fundraiser 
Moderated by Mike Klonsky 
Wednesday, June 1st, 8 PM [EDT] 

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